Life CPR-Center for Personal Reawakening

The aim of Life CPR , Center for Personal Reawakening , is to provide tools, techniques, secrets, methods, thoughts, advises, courses, opportunities, and information. It is all about learning to Recharge, skyRejuvenate, Reconnect, Remember, Revive, and Reawaken to Life.

Discover Healing techniques and ancient secrets, develop healthy lifestyle, understand and experience the power of your mind, achieve better life, live in the flow, create Peace and Harmony around you, live to your highest purpose. You can learn to take responsibility and empower yourself to manifest abundance in all area weather health, career, finances or relationships.

Life CPR should be a guide to Reawaken the Spirit in you, helping you to remember who you really are, giving you the motivation and courage to live to your highest purpose.

In Love, Light and Peace






Learning the Tools and Techniques for personal empowerment and healing and many more while enjoying the peace and quiet of our relaxing rural retreat and get away from the stresses and hectic pace of urban living. Reclaim your humanity. This hilltop resort is located, outside Kuala Lumpur, well away from the road in a natural secluded setting offering privacy and tranquility.

Organized By Health Sense Sdn Bhd.

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